Dirty Old Man : Some of the predators are middle-aged or older.
Moment after the first meeting, he wasn't deterred from initiating a second).
Teen still missing after vanishing from San Antonio high school five months ago.
Badass Baritone : Stone Phillips.0.6) and 96 in total viewers (3.714 million.Chris Hansen made a point to ask people who have children what they would think if a man of their age came over to their house to have sex with their underage daughter, then when they respond that they would be outraged, Hansen would follow-up.ET Retains 100 week to week in adults 18-49 (0.6.When Chris would ask why they simply couldn't date people their own ads adult dating jewish personals age, some of the predators said they couldn't get a date with someone in their age bracket and that the person they were talking to were the only quality connection they had with.Every Car Is a Pinto : They claimed that GM's trucks were playing this trope straight, but in reality, they averted.
Parallel Porn Titles : I'm Chris Mansen from To Catch a Predator XXX.The show and Chris Hansen ultimately achieved.Driven to Suicide : One of the men they captured with To Catch a Predator killed himself when he realized the cops were closing.Three-Way Sex : A disturbing example.Someone out there knows what happened.0.6) and 99 in total viewers (3.362 million.Ranks #2 in the timeslot among ABC, CBS and, nBC in adults 18-49, adults 25-54 and total viewers and is #1 excluding sports in those measures.Karma Houdini : Most of the predators on the show before Dateline began working with law enforcement - even though some of them ended up getting arrested later anyway, some even returning a repeat time.Exact Words : Chris Hanson uses this often in his interviews with the predators to keep them calm,.g., "I'm not going to arrest you" or "It's not up to me whether you go to jail." The swat team waiting right outside the door, however.0.8 from 10-11.m.

"I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, and we're doing a story on tropers.
It was hosted by Jane Pauley and Stone Phillips.