Skyward Scream : Casshern's reaction to pair of bauer sucht Frau Nico's death is very loud.
Walking the east sussex send local offer Earth : Casshern and most of the main characters spend the vast majority of the series traveling.
Turned Against Their Masters : As part of the backstory, the robots at some point in the past rebelled against humanity (led by Braiking Boss) and wiped the vast majority.
The Only One Allowed to Defeat You : Dio obsessively tries to defeat Casshern.The two robots that appear in episode 19, Castor and his what women want gifts unnamed female companion, also seem to be this.Apocalypse How : Class 3a, moving closer to Class.Dio and Leda are the closest thing to Big Bads, but their ambitions are rather petty to consider them as truly evil.Atop a Mountain of Corpses : Casshern, in the end of episode 8, stands on a pile of his many victims.Waif-Fu : Thin arms deploying great strength is regularly employed by everyone who isn't a mook.It's somewhat justified since they're all robots and thus not susceptible to human biology.Nico is a slightly older version, though she's not all right in the head.
Then again, it's Umakoshi style.
All he knows is that he is built for combat, immune to the Ruin, and able to regenerate any damage and that rumor has it if a robot devours Casshern then they will live forever.
It is implied that Leda, Dio and Casshern are even capable of breeding.Who Wants to Live Forever?Luna is also implied to have this, but we never actually see it onscreen.And she's absolutely fine when Casshern and Friender roll the bell off of her.Barrier Maiden : Luna, and also a combination of Fisher King (well, queen) and Cosmic Keystone.The Rival : Dio to Casshern, to the point that when he finally defeats him in a fair fight, he sees no more reason to continue living.Not that he minds, having accomplished his only goal, so he doesn't see it as Pyrrhic.A few of them look completely mechanical and more like traditional robots, but there are many who can't be told apart from humans.