Except, like the Broken Aesop page", the hero, Smith, solves every single problem he's faced with using guns ; saving the baby?
Hence the trope namer.
Problem he's faced with using guns; not just for self defense and beating the bad guys; he also uses guns for common everyday activities like opening beer cans and spinning a merry-go-round.
It lampshaded that mobsters love The Godfather and Goodfellas.The anime took this even further by adding a fair amount of Adaptational Heroism, and then the dub gave him all the best lines.In Worm, Taylor uses this to her advantage when talking to middle-schoolers about why being a supervillain sucks.So really, all these movies taught is what NOT to do if it did happen to you.He also points out that, thanks to the Rule Of Three, the moral of the tale of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is not "never tell a lie but rather "never tell the same lie twice." Norm MacDonald pointed out the problem addressed in anti-smoking.However, while the game also has many non-lethal options like 4, those playing the game in a non-lethal capacity will still find approximately three-fourths of their arsenal to be completely useless.In other words: That coworker you just murdered?It means just that; Smith solves every.Throughout the game, working for other criminals is a thankless and penniless affair.It still DID look pretty awesome.
However, it depicts deforestation through an upbeat Disney Acid Sequence musical number where the villain wears a nice suit, rocks out on an electric guitar, and sits at a desk covered in piles of cash.Can Santa be black?Also, due to their reputation as putting animal rights above human ones, it brings the Unfortunate Implications of what they think about Mexicans.This led to a joke backronym for the group, D rugs A re R eally E xcellent.Critics claim that, instead of raising awareness of bullying, this may cause already vulnerable teens to think that suicide will solve all their problems (since, in the end, Hannah's tapes achieve her desired outcome of making everyone who wronged her feel guilty).