Düsseldorf has a nanobrewery next to the railway line between the Hauptbahnhof and Bilk.
Anyway, below is some of the news I've received in the last couple of months.Friedrich Drayß opened his second Back- und Brauhaus dream woman wanted 3 3 2014 in Bürstadt on 30th March last year.However, they do still brew on a small scale in the former communal brewery at the nearby Freilandmuseum - I believe lagering and bottling of these beers may be carried out at the old Bürgerbräu site.(Paul Lockwood) The tap for Zur sex dating in bristol Golden Henne in Jüchsen has closed.(MB) It seems likely Kalt-Loch-Bräu in Miltenberg may not last much longer.Tilo Heimberger has been brewing on a very small scale in Hösbach for several years.(AD) Brewing has finally started at Baderbräu in Schnaitsee.(Roman Drüg) Brauerei Härke in Peine was placed into administration during November.
There may be a new brewery in Fürth.
Not commercial but more along the lines of one of the communal breweries is Hobbybrauer Himmelkron.( Alex Deuerlein ) 28th August 2013 rheinland-pfalz The Lauterecker Brauhaus stopped brewing a couple of years ago.I hope the problems can be resolved - the location looks superb.(SS) sachsen Böhmisch Brauhaus in Großröhrsdorf was bought by Landberger last month.Run by three friends in their spare time, the five beers are only available by the barrel.(MB) sachsen Kaiser Napoleon in Leipzig has re-opened.(AD) THÜringen Brauhaus König Sahl in Gotha is still open, albeit under new ownership and name.First brew was three weeks ago.Their shop / tap has also shut.