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Later images in the album looking for women over 65 show him on war service on the Hipper in more northern climates.
Destroyer whitley was bombed, but was not damaged.
Marked.H.Osang Dresden to the reverse.An extremely rare set.Light cruiser emerald was the ocean escort for this convoy.Complete with its original lining, film costumiers inventory stamp and film costumiers Brussels address maturity date municipal bond stamped to the interior standard cotton lining, which has seen considerable wear use.The trousers are in the most superb condition, there is not one speck of moth anywhere on the garment.Accompanying the album is the A4 size citation for his award of the Kriegsmarine Minesweeper badge dated 9th March 1942.The sprung loaded fitting is still working correctly.There are various interior pockets with various large Prym press studs to hold toiletries and other uniform items as well as larger interior based pockets with typical tabs marked 'LUX'.German ammunition CAN used AS military work BOX.The green backing cloth to one side of both collar patches have suffered from some sort of cloth rot, aluminium wire is subdued.The armour consisted of an upper plate and lower plate, both are present.
German afrika korps rucksack.Six pages are devoted to this rare organisation within this book.A magnificent condition wwii civil forces helmet, being the standrd pattern brodie helmet dating while separated adultery with its totally original liner marked size.Produced Brazilian nationality title with Brazilian coloured edging.The extremely rare small presentation case for the German Cross in gold, an enormous amount of analysis of the small case on pages 325, 326, 327, 328, 329 and 330 of The German Cross by Dietrich Maerz.