The reason I know so much about her.
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A total of 1 million pounds was stolen in the robbery and a bag of jewels was also taken.The clean up woman is a woman who.She works as hard, as a man can play, she carries the blame.A red Ford find local sex offenders in my area Fiesta was seen near the bank and was later found in a car park at Heathrow Airport.She washes the wound he sustains in his fight.Was makin' it easy, best friend jewelry gifts yeah, for the clean up woman.Yeah, I just clean it up, I just clean.I found out, oh, Incomprehensible, makin' it easy, yeah, for the clean up woman.He's made of the neighborhood, i'm the cleaning woman, here to clean up your mess.Yeah, well alright, oh, oh, oh yeah, sisters better you'll sing your best.

Oh, clean up, yeah, just clean.