In Strawberry Panic!, Amane doesn't want to be Etoile unadulterated sex tonight and didn't ask for her legions of fangirls she just wants to ride her horse in peace.
When the Big Bad murders her, it ends up awakening powers inside Ruby she had no idea she had, which meant she was brought into Beacon because she was special.
Occasionally played in Merlin, not by our resident warlock, but by Prince Arthur.
Subverted in the anime; Mio's forced to take lead singer Yui's place in the first live show the girls perform.The FBI agents investigating him find a normal, well-adjusted veteran working middle-management at a tech company, well-liked by his co-workers but otherwise unexceptional.The Red Guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared just wants to be left alone with his friends, rather than having to be taught by a time-traveling clock or a magical sketchbook.Fortunately, she's been carrying around a little Chekhov's Gun that can make her wish come true.Bruce wasn't "normal" even before he was exposed to gamma radiation.Pyrrha Nikos is another example: for a long time, all she ever knew was combat, no social skills, no relationships, nothing like that.
Buffy best friend necklace for 1 the Vampire Slayer : Buffy often has bouts of wanting to be normal.Rogue, for a long time, had this trope personified, she couldn't touch anyone with her skin without putting them into a coma.What Ever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow : Jordan Elliot is ecstatic to be normal, changing diapers and what-not.Colonel James Rhodes explains that he rarely dons the War Machine armor because he's not interested in becoming a superhero.Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie are undoubtedly amongst local slags high wycombe the oddest examples of this trope.