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For example: A face-value 100 electronic EE bond is purchased for 100.
Current Interest Rate for HH Bonds:.50, hH Bonds are no longer available by exchange from E/EE Bonds as of August 31, 2004.Civilian employee of the United States regardless of residence.The most compelling advantage of the HH bond is that the interest income from E, EE and SN/FS was deferred for up to twenty additional years.Rates for new bonds are set every May 1st and November 1st by the.S.May 95 May 03 17 years.12, jun 03 present 20 years.50, rate this post (1 to 5 stars (Average rating:.79 stars fDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit can pay 1 or 2 more than savings bonds when held for a similar length.For HH bonds issued before October 1, 1989, interest may be paid through ACH or by check.
Series EE bonds have many different rules depending on the time period in which they were purchased.
These bonds begin earning interest on a fixed graduated scale that starts.16 at six months and increases during the first five years to reach a guaranteed minimum rate at five years.For example, if the bond is earning.2 percent, the multiplication.032 times 11 equals.352 plus 1 equals.352.The value of the bonds would be based on the announced rates applied over the initial 21-month period.At the time of publication, savings bonds issued from 1993 free adult dating services looking for through April 2005 were earning between 3 and 4 percent.Guarantee value dates are based on the month of issue.All EE Savings Bonds post their final maturity interest on the first day of the final maturity month.How to Cashin HH Savings Bonds.Toms response, it depends on what you mean by maturity.