Michael Straczynski d: Walter Grauman "Programmed for Murder" gs: Hunt Block.
B: 7 Feb 93 pc: 67920 w: Tom Sawyer d: Jerry Jameson "Killer Radio" gs: Lindsay Crouse Louise Anderson-Crowe, Stephen Caffrey Jonathan Baker, Jeff Yagher Marcus Rule, Harry Guardino Danny Cochran, Georgia Emelin Ronna Simmons, Victor Brandt David Osterman, William Lucking Sheriff Waterman, Lyman Ward.
B: 16 Nov 95 pc: K0214 w: Jerry Ludwig d: Vincent McEveety "Deadly Bidding" gs: Wayne Rogers Charlie Garrett, Martin Jarvis Giles Havelock, Craig Richard Nelson Felix Wesker, Paul Lieber Milt Solomon, Melanie Smith Diana Barrow, Kathleen Garrett Mrs.Victor Lofton, Ed O'Ross Alex Maggio, Nancy Sorel Jill Maggio, Monte Markham Jimmy Haynes, Ned Bellamy Capt.Swanson d: Seymour Robbie "A Lady in the Lake" gs: Laurence Luckinbill Howard Crane, Susan Blanchard Carolyn Crane, John Astin Harry Pierce, William Christopher Burton Hollis, Johnny Crawford Deputy Noah Paisley, Charles Frank Kyle Jordan, Lauren Tewes Betty Jordan, Charles Taylor Jack Turney, Lee Purcell.B: 5 Oct 86 pc: 62105 w: Paul Savage s: Peter S Fischer d: Seymour Robbie "Unfinished Business" gs: Pat Hingle Bernard Kale, Lloyd Bochner Terence, Hayley Mills Cynthia Tatel, Erin Moran Maggie Roberts, nnon Sheriff McCoy, Don DeFore Jake Sanford,.Sidney Bimbaum, Walter Olkewicz Howard Bergmann, Mark Herrier Barry Sanderson, James Short Lou Faraday, Leo Damian Giorgio Russo, Tom Tarpey Doctor, Tom Kendall Stage Manager, Tom Van Hoof Special Agent Dixon, David.Fletcher's niece plays a part, a 'pretend' victim is really dead.B: 28 Oct 84 pc: 59201 w: Robert Van Scoyck d: Richard.B: 28 Nov 93 pc: 69122 w: Robert Van Scoyck d: Anthony Shaw "Murder at a Discount" gs: George Segal Daffy Dave Navaro, Morgan Fairchild Iris Novaro, Sandy Ward Norman Trent, Julianna Margules Rachel Novaro, Elaine Joyce Lillian Conway, Sam Anderson Neil Fraser, Bruce Gray.Sheiner Leo, Barry Dennen Sheldon Persky, Wayne Heffley Security Guard, David Sage Stavros, Thomas Bellin Superintendent, Harry Moses Policeman A Fletcher novel is the entree to a legendary actress who is a hermit refusing to meet anyone.One is suspected of the murder of the other.
Talmadge, Michael McGrady Sean, Lynne Moody Pam, Harold Sylvester Blaster Boyle, Ray Giradin.Riojas Manuel, Larry Carroll Telecaster, Keri Jackson Teen Boy When a young man in her writing class is arrested for the murder of a New York slumlord, Jessica sets out to find the killer and clear her student.Shaff Banker #1, Bob Roitblat Police Sergeant, Duane Williams Drunk, John Tayloe Actor, Claudio Dunkelman Andy, Courtney Sonne Brenda When the wife of a developer is accused of killing her husband and commits suicide, it leaves the whereabouts of his embezzled millions a mystery.This guide may be distributed and copied freely, in its entirety, for personal use.Hubbard Dabney, Morgan Woodward Sheriff Brademus, Curt Lowens.Smith Officer #1, Donald Nardini Officer #2, Ken Gerson Officer #3, Dana Craig Customer All of Jessica's bse sensex date wise intuitive and deductive skills are called into play when she sets out to clear a university colleague of a murder charge.B: 14 Oct 84 pc: 59203 w: Robert.Burley d: Jerry Jameson "Murder in High-C" gs: Khrystyne Haje Andrea Beaumont, John Getz Jonas Cole, Bruce Abbott Drew Granger, Ely Pouget Vicki Lawson, Robert Constanzo Rudolfo Petrocelli, Carol Lawrence Stella Knight, Lorenzo Caccialanza Insp.Davies Board Member #2 Jessica tries to unravel the intrigues and power struggles of the boardroom when the chairman of Barnett Industries is murdered.B: 9 Apr 89 pc: 63721 w: Robert Van Scoyck d: John Llewellyn Moxey "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" gs: Michael Learned Maria Hudson, Don Galloway Andrew Hudson, Barrie Youngfellow Livvy Hudson, Robert Klein Barney Drake, Yvette Niper Cat brazilian women get to know Hudson Drake, Steve Forrest Sheriff Hank Masters, Georgia.