The dairy industry tends to be male-orientated unless youre born sex contacts text into it or married into it, but its good that two of our milkers out of four are female, and they are doing a great job.
How did they fare among fellow farmers and within their communities?
I think enabling the agency of each person - allowing them to help shape how their history should be documented - is really important.
What seemed like a straightforward concept at the outset has become a trigger for so much growth and contribution.Lisa's father Chris Stanmore with his sister Jenny outside the old Eurella homestead,.Living on a station for me is a perfect combination where I can combine my love for the land and animals, and my love for my photography.In some industry groups, such as the seafood industry, we still haven't received a single tribute. .As well as going to Gatherings in other parts of the State, Alison and Ilse have also been involved with organising a Gathering looking for a woman to fall in love with in their own area. .Lisa with her children and their dog 'Frosty 2017, image supplied.Find people that can help you on your journey.In 2007 I applied for and was given the position of Head Stockman at Quinyambie Station north of Broken Hill on the edge of the Strzelecki desert.By carrying my camera with me I am able to create some realisation of the work that goes on behind the scenes of that steak you buy at the butchers.For Gippsland Jersey, we need to grow our brand and grow the brand awareness, and we can only do that by getting ourselves out there.
Conference Booklet from the Women's Industry Seafood Network, 2015.
This has seen great reward and growth and development of some of the 50 young people that have been employed on the farm over the past 10 years.
Gippsland Jersey is a force for positive change.May 28, 2018, by Kirsten Abernethy, kirsten Abernethy is a fisher-woman, social scientist and researcher based in Port Fairy, Australia.The Slow Fish festival gave consumers the chance to talk to and put a face to the fisher, as well as to those who market, and really understand how seafood gets all the way to Victorian plates.So university of essex 2013 graduation everything was very physical, very manual.By returning a portion their profits to the farming community, bringing other dairy farmers into their brand (paying a fair price for their milk and advocating for mental health organisations like The Ripple Effect, Gippsland Jersey is able to help support the emotional wellbeing.The best person - I had experience, I knew cattle and I was not dumb.Since the programs inception in 2011 we have trained 75 YFCs, including agronomists, scientists, geneticists, extension officers, wool brokers, accountants and traditional farmers.Aftermath of Cyclone Debbie at Stackelroth Farms, image supplied (Stackelroth Farms, Facebook) Recovery works at Stackelroth Farms following Cyclone Debbie, image supplied (Stackelroth Farms, Facebook).