In Inhumanoids, when the Earth Corps are at the wedding of should you make eye contact during sex Derek and Sandra, Tendril emerges from the ground and start smashing the chapel.
This Video Game /Roblox place, Crash a Wedding for Fun, where you can literally crash a wedding and destroy local flirt network com the chapel and everyonenote Don't worry, no one gets killed actually.
However, the one who actually disrupts it is Grundy himself, best uk adult dating site who has been corrupted by the Maw of Madness.And this leads on to the reason of wearing a ring on the third finger.Mahou Sentai Magiranger has Hikaru and Urara's wedding cut short by Lunagel appearing, out of breath and bringing news.Ive had a very busy few years running the farm and now its sort of dawned on me I need to settle down, he says.Bridegroom therefore means 'man of the bride'.Pete and Myka are able to dismiss it as wild mushrooms in the salad.The budding romance between Nate and Vanessa is unexpectedly charming, and Blair is back on top where she belongs.
In an old issue of Sonic the Hedgehog, Robotnik is shocked to learn that Sonic and Sally are getting married, and declares an all-out assault on the wedding.
Everybody Lives (except Cyber Shredder, who's most likely Deader Than Dead now but a truly epic showdown nonetheless.
Girlfriend is interrupted by the Phantom Limb and his Guild army.Hindus and Buddhists have a similar disc in the Wheel of Dharma.Following that, the Dead Character Walking form of the Sore Loser notices his surroundings and basically says "Oh no, this place is full of people who know me!" then runs out, apparently not noticing a wedding is going.Prior to the Stephanie-Triple H alliance, Stephanie was the unwilling bride-to-be of The Undertaker.But today yeah, feel free.The most recent being AJ Lee 's recent spurning of Daniel Bryan (on the 1,000th episode of WWE RAW ) to become RAW General Manager.An early scene of Executive Decision had an SIS black bag team infiltrating a wedding reception; one of the guests being an international terrorist commander who was promptly abducted.Black Canary and Green Arrow 's wedding was invaded by numerous villains.In Episode 60 of Kaeloo, Pretty and Quack Quack are about to get married.

An interesting play on the trope is the wedding of Daenerys to Khal Drogo, where some wedding guests start fighting with each other.
Live-Action TV In Smallville, Chloe Sullivan gets a particularly nasty one as Doomsday crashes her wedding.
Being ringed (rung?) into wedlock, she was no longer available to circulate amongst other men.