We are oriental and women here are very restricted, so this makes a womans mission special 19 argues a female suicide bomber, who survived her mission.
29 Beyond the questions of equality, the social acceptance towards shaheeda s is also questionable.
However, I also claim that the aim of reaching gender equality or even of empowering women cannot be reached by this activity.Sjoberg, Laura and Gentry, Caron.Shares, see the NFLs best-looking cheerleading squads.Shares, celebrities who look local slappers fife like other celebrities.If neither the madonna, nor the whore discourse can be applied, the shaheeda becomes something that is not a whole woman.This discourse, claiming that the terror became embedded to all similar societies, 46 reinforces the perceived Otherness 47 and evilness of these societies, and contributes to the further emasculating of Palestinian males and the further subordination of Palestinian females.Shares, see the outrageous cars in this years auto show in Geneva.Therefore, as in my paper I want to put an emphasis on gender questions and the results of the fight towards empowerment, not on the general motivations of female suicide terrorism, the detailed analysis of this religious factor is not relevant for my work.20 Berko-Erez 2008, 155.Therefore the asymmetry and alternativeless-ness is much higher in the case of Palestinian female suicide bombers, who decide to use the only accessible weapon against the Israeli occupation, that is, they take the control over their bodies.However, after 2002, the number of female suicide bombers has grown significantly, as Yasser Arafat called for an intense and active participation of women in the struggle and called them his army of roses.
The case of Palestine perfectly fits into this framework; therefore the reactions to Palestinian female suicide terrorism can be divided into two groups: those that reinforce Western gender stereotypes and those that reinforce the evilness and inferiority of the Palestinian society.21 This is exactly the case in Palestine, where we cannot talk about a sovereign state, where the economic situation keeps worsening and limitations on the freedom of movement seriously damage human rights.London; New York: Routledge, 2008.According to experts such Barbara Victor 4 or Anat Berko and Edna Erez 5, women who carry out suicide missions are exploited and manipulated by their dispatchers, who use personal grievances and social pressures of systematically gender oppressing, patriarchal societies to make females undertake terrorist.Shares, see the top.S.