find sex bot fallout new vegas

Convincing her requires either a Speech check (35) or a Barter check (35 otherwise one can bribe her with a bottle of absinthe.
Upon completion of the quest, the Courier may enlist the services of the newly recruited escorts (except for Old Ben ).
Speak with, james Garret at the, atomic Wrangler casino to start the quest.
Since you've already gained access to the terminal, it is useless.I searched the building itself and only found one locked locker which gave me a card but doesn't grant me any things to upload to the robot.There are a few giant rats inside and the large assembly room contains a robot in stasis.Ask A Question Here!If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please, submit your Cheats sex offender map 63385 and share your insights with other players.Genre: Role-Playing First-Person, release: Oct 19 2010, eSRB: Mature, section: Cheat, Cheats, Cheat Codes.When exiting Cerulean Robotics the Courier is set upon by Maud's Muggers, three old ladies wearing pre-War spring outfits, armed with rolling pins.James' dialogue upon being informed about Fisto implies that it is for his own "interests." If the Courier has bad reputation in Freeside they cannot complete this quest via holotape, as Ralph will refuse to talk to them, therefore not letting the Courier buy the.Depending on your speech skill this may cost you some caps (a maximum of 150).How or where do i obtain this routine?
The key card you have found is used to obtain access to the terminal without hacking, it's provided so that players without the relevant skill can still complete the mission.
Once Ralph has agreed, you will need to leave and come back later (after a game day, I believe).
There is a keycard to unlock the computer, located behind an Average lock on the far right cabinet in the assembly room.Verified ps3 Once Fisto has left having sex on the first date doesn't make you a hoe the building, if one attempts to head to the Old Mormon Fort the game may start lagging heavily and eventually freeze, forcing you to restart the console.More Easter Eggs, back to all Cheats latest Questions.Home pC this page contains Fallout: New Vegas Easter Eggs for PC called "Fisto the Sexbot" and has been posted by alxrlz123.35 Tell James Garret Beatrix will be joining the Wrangler.VfsatomicPimp, we've got the basics covered, but now that you mention it, we have had unusual requests from some of our wealthier customers.More PC Games, submit Content, games You May Like.

The computer is an Average hack (50 Science).
Science skill (60 upwards) you can program the bot yourself using the terminal you have already discovered.
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