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Startup Weekend event while she was studying in San Francisco.
Its just what theyre used to Juicebox stuck to this goal of creating a social app about sex and relationshipsalbeit one seeded with health professionals who provide medically accurate information.
It's educational, she stresses, and she wants people to feel comfortable using.There is also an issue of truthfulness- while on the one hand having a place to share embarrassing stories could take some of the confusion and shame out of clumsy sexual encounters, I imagine an anonymous message board for stories could have the same potential.The app also includes a special focus on affirmative consent and communication between sexual partners, because "it's not enough to tell people not to rape." Developed by the University of Oregon Health Center, the app features specific resources that can be utilized by students.Their topics include fun relationship advice about flirting, as well as more serious topics such as unhealthy relationships.I wish there had been an app for that.It's playful and sex-positive, something a lot of current sexual education lacks.The result was a steep learning curve, Brianna said, explaining that she'd never managed a project, let alone a company, before, and the experience from user interface design to negotiating with the App Store was new for her.Other users can upvote these stories by tapping a condom icon next to each one.A survey done by YTH and the California Family Health Council questioned teens who had been using a text message-based sexual health service, and 90 percent of them reported improvements in healthy sexual behaviors, like getting tested, since looking for wife from usa using the service.
The top three answers were friends, Google, and movies.
In a detail that could be either hilarious or horrifying, depending upon your attitude toward sex and sex education, the condom icon grows when touched.Originally, she explained, she had a whole host of features she wanted to release with the product, but they stuck with two for the initial Juicebox launch, with plans to do many more in the future.According to their website there will also be games, how-to videos, information on nearby clinics, and a place to share stories about different sexual experiences.I had an over-protective father who would go into my doctor's appointments, meaning I always lied about being sexually active.Since were focusing on such a young age group, really one of the best things for us is to help middle school students develop some foundational skills that will improve a variety of other behaviors and outcomes, Leos says.For rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea among 10-14 year old kids in the city, the Philadelphia population reveals rates that are.3 and 4 times higher than the national rate for that age group, respectively.Photos courtesy Brianna Rader).College students, it turns out, are really into sex.