Deceased Offenders, if you wish to advise us of the death of an offender we need either a link to a media article OR a scan or photocopy of the death notice in the paper or death certificate or some other proof.
Keeping children safe, in the interests of child safety, those people who have been convicted of child sex offences and are ever had sex on a first date now living back in the community, are monitored by authorities.
Offenders must visit a police station and submit reports to an authorised Police officer over the duration of their CSO Registration.
In the past there was very limited information available to authorities on where these people were living and what was happening in their lives that might trigger reoffending.Corrections probation officers and Police case managers work with these people to develop a plan for their full reintegration back into the community, with the aim of supporting them to maintain a low-risk lifestyle and protecting the community where appropriate.Guidance can then be given on how to best keep children safe.There are strict disclosure protocols around sharing information.Uses: This information is made available out of respect for the truth and importance of it to victims, and to protect the public.It does not include all information received on all offenders.Thats why the Child Sex Offender Register was introduced.Setting up this contract; Either print this page out or copy and paste the Contract below into word or similar Sign it, and ensure that the other person that is vouching for you also sign it Either fax it back to us at the Sensible.If you have concerns about the safety of a child or a young person, but its not an emergency, you can call your local Police station or Oranga TamarikiMinistry for Children on 0508 family ( ) for advice.
Copy of the Sentencing Notes, age of the offender (either now or at the time of the offence or conviction please advise which).
Child sex offenders need to understand that one of the consequences of their actions will be the right of families and communities to be aware of what they have done.Children deserve to be safe in their communities.CSO Register Factsheet (PDF 357KB how the information is used, the information on the registered person is used to paint a picture of what is happening in the life of that person.This is because from the viewpoint of the public their primary concern is is this person able to reside in and freely move about in my community?However even with the victims written approval the Sensible Sentencing may decline to remove an offenders file if it thinks the offender is a potential risk to public safety and therefore the offenders file must stay on the Sensible Sentencing Database in those interests).Some lawyers have voiced their concern over language used within the Act and potential stumbling blocks that could arise, including over-burdening of both the Corrections Department and the Police force, and too much onus on the offender.