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Law, several interests in property are reserved to state or local government.
However, with tenancy by the entirety, the creditors of an individual spouse cannot attach and sell the interest woman looking for a man with a horse of the debtor.
Two widely used types of co-ownership are tenancy in common and joint tenancy.When a joint tenant dies, the property goes to the other joint tenant(s).The remainderman acquires legal interest in the property after the death of the life tenant.However, the life tenant cannot transfer the property upon the tenants death because it has already been deeded to another person who is known as a remainderman.All this information is correctly recorded in the title deeds to the property, which are in the public domain.This protects the non-debtor spouse in the event that the other spouse is in debt or files bankruptcy.Property ownership is more complex you might think.It doesnt take a property lawyer to identify the basic categories of rights that come with property ownership.
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This is the bundle of clams you may have heard of, where each claimant has a number of separate claims, that can be compared to sticks in a bundle.
As in tenancy in common ownership, each joint tenant has an undivided interest in the property, and each joint tenant may request a court order for partition and sale if that owner wants to terminate the joint tenancy.Two other forms of property ownership or possession are tenancy by the entirety and life estates.The remaindermans remainder interest can be pledged, transferred or attached.However, this total control over property does not really exist in the United State.In property law, owning something means you can enforce legal rights concerning.The major difference between joint tenancy and tenancy in common becomes obvious at the death of one of the owners.Even if a joint tenant has a will that attempts to pass that joint tenants ownership to others, the law of joint tenancy takes precedence.

Joint Tenancy, with joint tenancy (JT sometimes also referred to as joint tenancy with right of survivorship (jtwros two or more people own property together.
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Also, the remainderman acquires a stepped-up basis on the death of the life tenant.