Yes, most of Bucks is interbred.
I remember some of the restaurant horse flesh and I still have my ration card!
I've heard other people on the net, mention: THE wycombe curse!
IF YOU must, watch THE team then leave!The high street, etc is reputed to the first visit to the gynecologist how to avoid the be built on a graveyard.Tim D graffiti:Some of Wycombe's best at Sunny Spot Wycombe struggles to improve despite a hopeless council focussed on discouraging motorists from the wealthy surrounding areas from coming to town, and offering maximum opportunity and flexibility to the multi-racial community which has taken over.It has been said that this technology was incapable of spotting several guys rolling the stone balls down the highstreet to the theatre, recently.Seriously, are they always that sad that they can't find anothing more constructive to do (like finally learning how to read and write properly)?If you still plan on visiting this hole of humanity, I bow to your bravery or mock your stupidity.
World famous for witchcraft and stuff like that I always thought Wycombe was OK as a place to work, but I wouldn't want to live there Search Knowhere for something else: Credits All the information in the Knowhere Guide has been contributed by users over.
Wycombe is however slightly better than Slough (but not much).
Wycombe's great if you like seeing greasy shazzas in all of their flourescent fila glory smokin endless fags, calling adidas adonises called 'dwayne' on their mobiles with permanent 'wanna slap?' expressions on their faces.Wycombe is dull, boring, old, dirty, expensive, dull, smelly, overun by pigeons, boring, lots of frighting people who sing at you in the bus station and Boring.Please disable it or whitelist this site.I forgot to add my name email address to the info I just sent.the one listing all the "famous" junglists/rappers etc from Wycombe.The only decent people I've met were people who were either passing through (they thought HW was a service station on the way to London) or students registered sex offenders in new hampshire who got out of there as quickly as they could.I was excited when I first came here - I thought that it's be great being somewhere where thee are things to do and places to go, but the novelty soon wears off as I realised that I'd rather be in Devon, chilling out and.Avoid Chiltern Hills Estate Agents.Wycombe during the day is a little weird.

The recent additions have livened the place up and the Western Sector Development should (!) make HW rock.