The Bank of America and Call Buildings can be seen in the photo.
Photo: Chronicle Archives Image 35 of 83 Image 36 of 83 Looking down Sutter from Powell Street in San indian sex dating Francisco in the 1940's.More Photo: Chronicle Archives Image 50 of 83 Image 51 of 83 Grant Avenue and Post Street in San Francisco.Truck double parked on 5th and Mission Streets, in San Francisco, causing traffic jam.Jaywalkers on Market Street in San Francisco, April 26, 1937.Subways would take many street cars and place them below the streets, where there never would be a stop because of crossing automobiles.Autos move bumper to bumper in three lanes of traffic from toll gate leading onto San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge on June.Yuuukii / Age: 28 aaron0105f7 / Age: 26 petitcochone / Age: 27, natalli288 / Age: 29, camo / Age:.Join Now Get In Instant Access, street Meat Asia, credit Card Authorization.Passengers sitting on a streetcar cow-catcher at Church, 14th and Market Streets in San Francisco, ca 1930's.1 will end the folly of four lanes of street car tracks on Market Street.Some partygoers went to Oakland, others to the Fillmore.
It was the kind of fun buttoned-up businessmen like George couldnt resist.
On December 11, 1946 San Francisco traffic scene on Kearny Street between Sutter and Post Streets, looking south at 8:35.m.Age: 25 2armu8 / Age:.And the 5th and Market Street Car line can be seen in the photo.The Thalia dance hall on Pacific Street in San Francisco circa 1918.Photo: Chronicle Archives Image 67 of 83 Traffic jam at Grant Avenue and Post Street in San Francisco.And in 1920, Prohibition shut down the party for good (although it did find a new home underground ).Market Street at 5th Street in San Francisco.