maturity date journal entry

Accumulated depreciation by major classes of assets.
Both discount and premium are subtracted from bonds payable.The adjusting entry for this note on December 31 includes a:.The average collection period is:.Bonds that are issued against the general credit of the borrower are called:.You will take 8 seconds to read this entry).Debit to Bond Interest Expense for 36,000.Which of the following is a way to express the useful life of a depreciable asset?
Credit to Cash for 23,400.
The company had a: debit to Loss on Disposal for 1,000 Quick Corporation retired a piece of equipment that had cost the erotic contacts in berlin 8,000 and had accumulated looking for a faithful woman depreciation of 7,000.A company issues a 120-day, 9 note for 30,000.Kerrison's bank charges it a 4 fee.Cash credit 43,412, the accounting records show the debt at the amortized cost (face amount plus premium/less discount) and the difference between the maturity value and the cost of the bonds is amortized to the income statement over the life of the bonds.Maturity Date, schema Summary, article Name: Maturity Date, author: Howard Coleman.This is an advance summary of a forthcoming entry in the Encyclopedia of Law.