Theres the woman seeking man Hesse story of the doctor who tried to climb down her ex-boyfriends chimney and died or the astronaut who drove cross-country in a diaper to confront her lovers girlfriend.
Maybe youre just trying to hook.
Im not a psychologist, but at this point, I am pretty much an expert on first dates.
It is extremely rare to go on a date with a man and for us to part ways knowing the same amount about each other.If you get swept up in the initial infatuation stages and spend all your time with that person, you will probably overlook any red flags or deal breakers because youre rational side will be overtaken by the emotional stimulation of it all.Get to the date, dont get blocked.There will be times when youre not happy with something hes doing.Got any relationship mistakes to add?Its rude and it actually thwarts clear.At this point, what you are doing is fitting that square peg into a round hole and making it work.Men don't feel needed by women our age anymore.If this man wants to know more, hell have to take you on a date or call you on the phone.
At the root of it, there is either trust missing from the relationship or you need to build up your self-esteem.Love after 50 is possible!Chemistry is sexy and wonderful but its not the quality that sustains a long term relationship.Someone you like at the end of the day.I love when a man wears a suit.What we do know is that even the smartest women do some dumb things when it comes to love.Somewhere out there is a person who will likely welcome a mate who shows up an hour late, because theyre late as hell, too!Caring about what you look like isnt the ultimate betrayal of feminism or an insult to female intelligence.You can read more about my dating resolution on my blog, 2 Dates A Week.If you are an adult human looking for love, youve probably been burned before.

Then listen to the answer, and ask a follow up question.