Enter through the main doors and walk through the auditorium, take a right when you reach the restrooms and the meeting is in room 208.
17 Topic meetings on same-sex issues are held at SA International Conferences university of essex government and personal stories of samesex recovery appear in Essay, the official SA quarterly publication.
SA adheres closely to the AA model, applying all of AA's principles to lust and sexual addiction, and whereas other members of other S-groups define sobriety for themselves, SA is closer to AA in proposing an understanding of sobriety which requires abstinence and is common.
Roy., White Book, SA Literature."Sexaholics Anonymous - Statement of Principle".Three large pillars will be on the right side as you enter the building.Lust 21 - Same Sex Lust 22 - Slippery Slopes 23, the Disease Concept of Sexaholism 24, saturday Dinner Speaker 25 - Internet - Useful Tool or Relapse 26 - Freedom of Choice 27 - Closing 28 - Couple's Meeting - Traditions - Tools.12 Candidates for membership in the SA Board of Trustees, are now required to affirm the SA Sobriety Definition including the Cleveland Clarification.Pamphlets edit Proponents edit Because SA's sobriety definition has clear roots in Western and Eastern morality, the movement has a great appeal to Hindus, Christians, that is, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, 22 religious Jews, secular Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and agnostics.Page 6 "Clarification of the Sobriety Definition" (PDF).Murray R, one of the SRA founders had served on the SA General Service Board and had long attempted to change the SA sobriety definition to include committed relationships with either the same or opposite sex.Asked the object of their sexual fantasy and acting out, 23 nominated same-sex and a further 7 indicated both genders.
It is one of the most explosive political issues of the day.The point here is this: For SA to validate same-sex sexualizing in SA, even indirectly, would have us endorsing a highly controversial biological theory and political movement against our Tenth Tradition.Criticism edit A psychologist involved in sexual addiction treatment, Patrick Carnes, encourages self-defined sobriety in his writings, saying that a no-masturbation definition of sobriety is only appropriate for some sex addicts and that bottom lines can in fact be modified over time.18 There also exist farmers are looking for women to play other organizations which serve such individuals; see Ex-gay.At the July 2007 SA International Convention a survey was conducted of 176 SA members.24 However, the founder Roy.And international meeting times.Some were convinced that SA is afraid to "say what it means and mean what it says" 10 On July 9, 1999, the General Delegates Assembly, meeting at an international conference in Cleveland, unanimously voted (9-0) to clarify the definition of "spouse" to be "one's.If we validate same-sex sexualizing as normative for the sexaholic in recovery, and it turns out not to be normative, SA will have been promoting an untruth and doing a devilish disservice, supporting the problem instead of recovery.6 This was an attempt to generalize marriage similar to the 12 Step concept from Step 3 of "God as you understand God".