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Parents have a right to know and a right to have a say in what their children are being taught, he added.
How is this reinforcing the home-school-parish triad in the schools? .
What are you trying to hide?Pierre continued, It is unjust that Bill 13 requires principals, other staff and students to act adult personals new zealand against their Catholic beliefs by forcing them to host GSA clubs in their schools.Mullan, Chairperson, Board of Trustees, Ottawa Catholic School ottawa citizen ottawa, July 6, 2013 Over the past couple of weeks there have been articles online and in mainstream media about the policy review process at the Ottawa Catholic School Board.Broadcasters John Gormley and Brian Lilley show why parents have to push back to make sure students don't get "fed" the latest, craziest fads in education.Ophea f ormed a coalition with numerous other groups such as parent group People for Education to make the announcement.So its essential that their views are embraced.Ottawa, F ebruary 18, 2013 Brian Lilley features a five-part series on his show, Byline, about what's wrong with Canadian schools, called "Common Sense Education" produced by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.The kids are all right.
(Photo: Victoria Ptashnick/Toronto Sun) P arent group urges Catholic school trustees to defy law supporting gay club, National Post P arent group wants Trustees to fight Bill 13, Catholic Register Listen here to an interview by Lou Iacobelli with Teresa Pierre,.A.F.E. At the time parents made an uproar over the introduction of multiple sexual orientations in grade three and the mechanics of gay sex in seventh grade.Catholic,Deborah Gyapong Vancouver, January 26, 2013 About 100 concerned ratepayers joined the Jan.How is this supporting the teaching authority of parents?As explained on Brian Lilley's program, Byline, we have a three-step plan to help parents speak out!Wynne commented during Question Period that consultation would be done through the school council chairs, citing her experience in this role as well as being a former school board trustee. To find out whether you are registered as a Catholic school board supporter, you can use this online lookup tool: When you get to the polling station, ask for a Catholic ballot.