But the view from most parts of the stadium is perfectly fine, and it represents a huge upgrade for West Ham on their old, albeit beloved, Upton Park ground.
In a statement, Dortmund police said earlier that they could not say 'exactly what the explosion was or exactly where something exploded'.
The stadium hosted the 2014 Europa League final and has been a roaring success for the Old Lady of Italian football.
If you need accommodation in Dortmund, please check #bedforawatyfans.By 2007, further development had taken looking for wife to marry free the capacity to over 76,000, although this has dropped slightly since.But this stadium has a memorable appearance, featuring an open-end that dramatically frames a bell tower in the park outside the stadium, as well as marking where the 1936 Olympic torch was positioned, and housing a tunnel that formed a dramatic entrance for marathon competitors.Its darkest hour came in 1982, when 66 people died in a stampede at a Spartak Moscow uefa Cup game.Only the Main Stand remains from the old design, and it is dwarfed by the new stands which form a continuous loop on three sides of the stadium.It also staged the 2017 Europa League final, between Manchester United and Ajax.In fact, take away the light show and it's just another out of town arena.The team did not provide any details about Bartra's condition.
In the 1990s the Bridge underwent a complete makeover, being converted from a vast concrete bowl with terracing, to the compact 41,798-capacity all-seater it is today.Alles kan en alles mag.En daar stopt het niet.Goodison could never be accused of lacking character, nestled snugly among streets of terraced houses and with a church between the corner of the main stand and Gwladys Street end.Stade Louis II, Monaco This stadium makes our top 30 thanks to its stunning location and ingenuity.Twitter, wishing the player a quick recovery.But this oddity gives the ground a certain charm, as well as a link to the club's historic past.Pictured are AS Monaco fans at the home of a Borussia Dortmund supporter.Built for the 1974 World Cup, up until the late 1990s it was a relatively unremarkable stadium, with a capacity that hovered around the 50,000 mark.Explosive devices were placed in a bush by the road along which the bus was travelling.

Wembley, London Second only to the Camp Nou in terms of European football stadium capacity, 90,000-seater Wembley is the largest of Europe's new wave of modern grounds.