If members of your immediate family are recently deceased, did they perform military service for Canada?
I do have a gf but she is not into that kind of stuff.
I'm super tall but you'll find that out when.
Are any members of your immediate family recently deceased?So, I got admission from., hey people I am a 43yr old male that still luvs to club and party.YesNo / Does not apply.In need free adult finder website of counselling, in need of dental surgery, prescription drugs or lenses.You'll get first crack at the best people, giving you an advantage over those who choose to review their matches first or those within Free Roommate Search.I am flexible as to which.Im a 44 year old female looking for female friends who also live in Orleans, to go for walks with, hang out, coffee, enjoy a glass of wine, shopping etc.
In terms of housing, you are currently: A homeownerRentingResiding in an assisted living facilityOther.What best describes your health situation?What best describes your current or future educational status?I am looking for a female friend to hang out and chill on occassion.In terms of housing, you are interested in: (Check all that apply) Purchasing a home Renting Residing in an assisted living facility Making repairs or other modifications to your home or building None of the above.