Our female partners didn't fare much better, ranked a six out of 10 alongside Australian and Spanish women.
There are mood-killers - and then university of essex shop there's this.
I don't love you, i'm breaking up with you after this.Unsurprisingly, number one is saying the wrong name.An online dating company surveyed 22,753 straight members from around the globe to find out which country has the best, and worst, male and female lovers.Worst things to say to a man.They explain: "If you ever find yourself in the fortunate position of having two adult personal finder offers and not knowing which to take then maybe use our stats to help you pick!".Can I call you Mum?What's your sister like?Those behind the research hope it will help people be pickier when it comes to choosing a partner.
The wrong name, i can't do this, i'm going soft.The wrong name, i need a poo, what's looking for sex on the street the time?Maria Walsh and Paul Ryder talk pride on this week's #GirlsWithGoals.What should I do next?The survey was conducted by, saucy Dates, a site that allows users to arrange casual hookups.Do you think your mum has ever tried this position?

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