The country is unique in its demography because it is made up of three linguistic and cultural regions that have German, French, Italian, and Romansh as the official languages.
Pre-wedding preparations, you and your future spouse need to present the same documents to the local civil registry office (.
That you have never been or are no longer married or in a civil partnership as well as your identity and residential status.
Men in, switzerland marry relatively late because they concentrate on their education and career before they start a family.The ceremony must take place no less than 10 dating site inland days and no more than three months after authorisation is granted.All documents proving marital status (birth certificate, divorce certificate and so on) must be less than six months old.Location The civil service will, by default, take place in the commune in which one or both of you live, or the associated administrative area.Throughout this document, translations are listed in the following format: English (German/French/Italian).They must be signed in the presence of a notary and comply with Swiss law.More information Expatica Need advice?In 2014, this traditional situation has been contested in parliament so if you have children who may be affected, be sure to check the details before making a decision.If marriage takes place after the birth of a child, that child will normally have to be adopted by the new spouse if they wish to have the full rights of a parent.Witnesses For heterosexual couples, the ceremony must be witnessed by two adults.
You may only apply for citizenship after a minimum of three years of marriage (six years if you are not resident in Switzerland ).
Expect to provide: proof of Swiss nationality or proof of residency if neither of you have Swiss nationality; passport; birth certificate; proof of marital status (e.g.Once you've decided to get married.Wedding ceremonies in Switzerland Ceremony All Swiss weddings must include a civil ceremony which takes place at a registry office in order for the marriage to be legally valid.A heterosexual marriage is called heart / am sangerari la contact sexual mariage / matrimonio and the ceremony a 'civil wedding' ( standesamtliche Trauung / mariage civil / matrimonio civile while same-sex marriage is referred to as a 'civil partnership' or a 'registered partnership' ( in eingetragener Partnerschaft / liƩ.Post afro woman looking for German man your question on Expatica's free Ask the Expert service to see if we can help.You may be asked to produce that of your parents during pre-wedding preparations.Switzerland s dramatically beautiful scenery while also tasting delicious Swiss delicacies like chocolate and artisan cheese and, best of all, feeling cared for by a reliable and decisive man.Language The ceremony will be performed in the local language (German, French or Italian).