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Unlike Muslim women, men can marry non-Muslim women without providing any religious documents.
In fact, by the early 20th century, many urban families were educating their daughters.50 Proponents believe Article 227 protected women as, in Tunisia, prospects of marriage decline considerably in the instance of rape.Bibliography edit Mounira Charrad, "States and Women's Rights: The Making of Postcolonial Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco" University of California Press, 2001 isbn Paula Holmes-Eber, "Daughters of Tunis: Women, Family, and Networks in a Muslim City Westview Press, 2001 isbn (in French) Sophie Bessis et Souhayr.53 Frequently, fault is focused on the victims actions to bring about the rape, thus creating a sense of responsibility for the cultural dishonour brought upon the family.Women such as Munjiyah al-Sawaihi and Fawzia Zouari, known Tunisian feminists, are worried that the Tunisian revolution will follow the past examples of Algeria and Iran where women who played active roles during the revolutionary period, however, lost their voice and ability season 6 farmer wants a wife to participate.Population Reference Bureau Name.40 Currently many Tunisian feminists are worried that the rights they enjoyed before the revolution may disappear as the power vacuum is infiltrated with religiously zealous ex-pats returning to the country."New Tunisian Law Takes Long Stride Toward Gender Equality".Women's participation in the work force edit Women constitute.6 of the workforce of Tunisia in 2004, an increase from.9 in 1989 and only.5 in 1966.27 Education edit Although these facts appear to put women in Tunisia on par with Western women, only 30 of women are employed.SEE ALL resources contact latest news, security Sector Reform in Tunisia, tunisia Projects.
154 isbn a b c d Office of the Chief Economist and mnsed, The World Bank.Caroline Fourest, parity-tunisienne_1511532_ml "Gender Tunisian", the World, April 22, 2011 "New Tunisian law takes long stride toward gender equality".United Nations Human Rights.53 As a child is legally considered an adult once married, there is no ability for a child protection delegate to intercede to advocate for the childs continued medical or psychological care.Karthala, Paris, 1995,.59 This decision ignited protests of public outrage in Tunisia calling for the revocation of article 227.32 More women are enrolled in secondary school (81) than their male counterparts (75).

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The country banned polygamy as far back as 1956, setting it apart from other Muslim-majority nations.