A sell out show showed the band still rock with some spectacular guitar sequences from Mod God Dave Cairns and the voice of the Mod Father Ian Page!
Just Another Teenage Anthem (Early Vsn).It was everything!"- Chris Hunt "Do yourself a favour wrote Mike Nicholls in Record Mirror.Artist: Secret Affair, Venue: The Bungalow, Paisley, Scotland, dancemaster, the Big Beat, going to a Go-Go.Carolina - Rico (1).But in that initial period they released three albums, five singles and made a big impression as to the huge possibilities these new directions in Pop music were taking.Guns of Navarone - Skatalites.Let Me Be The One - The Mods (live).But sales weren't high and the reviews were almost begrudging in their admission that here was a recording of class.In July 2011, Secret Affair re-recorded Time For Action for Save The Children.5 The latter spearheaded their campaign for health workers in poor countries, and over dating site text 42,000 people signed the petition in the UK which was taken to David Cameron in September 2011, resulting.Maybe tomorrow - Chords (2).
The show went out the next night and, in the days when a 'Top Of The Pops' appearance really meant something, kids all over the nation got to see the charismatic Page and his 'new dance' vision."The last album, brimming as it was with exquisitely tuneful songs, fell by the wayside, a victim of criminal neglect." This album, she pleaded, "deserves the attention of an all-too apathetic public." Secret Affair had hoped to release one last single to turn things around.The subsequent album also showcased the talents of Squire, Small Hours, The Mods and Beggar, but it was the contributions from Secret Affair - live versions of their first two singles, plus 'I'm Not Free (But I'm Cheap - that made the LP a mod.Secret Affair turned their attentions to America, and when they finally re-appeared with 'Do You Know' over a year later, they were all that was left of the new mod.When she handed me the cassette of their second album, Behind Closed Doors, she gave me an all-knowing youre-gonna-like-these-guys grin and she was right.It was a travelling propaganda show to win over the doubters - and as if by magic, midway through the tour, 'Behind Closed Doors' was released."- Chris Hunt "From the opening footsteps that introduce 'What Did You Expect to the epic cascade of sounds that.

They were a mod band working in punk and their audience was punk." "Page and Cairns never wanted to be a part of the 'punk elite'.