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Bullet proof vests, in Australia it is illegal to own a bullet proof vest unless you have special police approval.A petition was started which claimed for the first time that the "proximity of Aborigines would lower the value of the land".Off was also let off and the police union told to pay his legal costs.District Court judge Peter Nisbet said Bropho, 78, was arrogant, a bully and a repeat liar who had committed an act of "cynical depravity" when he bailed the young girl out of a juvenile detention centre, then raped her on the way home.No gangsters at horse races or in casinos In Victoria police can issue people they suspect of having links to organized crime with an exclusion order which prohibits them from entering casinos, horse racing tracks and betting rings.There was no provision in the 1886 WA Act for contracts to include wages.90 year old Alan Waddell, who has walked more than 2000 kms through every street of 143 Sydney suburbs, found these beauties, we borrowed these pictures from his website t No swearing Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has announced new powers for the state's police.Colbung, ancestor of Aboriginal activist Ken Colbung is also recorded.21 citation needed September 1838 Corporal Welch was replaced by Henry Vincent, as Superintendent of Aboriginal Prisoners.Org was launched, and in a TV show the organizer made his case for the helmet laws to be repealed, as statistics show that it does not significantly make cycling safer, and that it stops a lot of people form cycling because they do not.In 1886 an Aboriginal Protection Board was established with five members and a secretary, all of whom were nominated by the Governor.
In late 2011 the site helmetfreedom.Seventy years after the last British convict ship arrived in Australia, the convict period had finally ended.He mentioned that some of the soldiers, coming from Van Diemens Land came "principally from those classes in the lower orders of society who would count it a fine sport to shoot a native as a Kangaroo".William Cruse, after hearing of the affair, accompanied by six others returned to the spot, found the gun had been used also as a club, and then following the sound of crying, found the wounded Heegan and the dead Yagan.The minutes of the board show they mostly dealt with matters of requests from religious bodies for financial relief and reports from Resident or Police Magistrates pertaining to trials and convictions of Aboriginal people under their jurisdiction.Women's wages At the start of the 20th century women were not paid very well but this changed in 1919 when women were awarded 54 of the national basic minimum wage for men, (assuming working women are single and do not need to pay for.It began with the Fairburn Report which first drew attention to the "Aboriginal Problem." This institutionalised racism, like the racism of the Nazi period in Germany, the racism of the southern states of the USA, and the racism of South Africa, reached its peak.Also the NSW Government is expected to pass a law allowing people to learn who their biological parents were to end so-called "genetic bewilderment.

An amendment to the Dog Act states that Aboriginal people in the state are only allowed one dog and then only if it is licensed.