Used in Paul Blart: Mall Cop to explain the titular character's daughter's Missing Mom : She had married Blart only for the green card and abandoned him and her daughter as soon as she was born.
Days of Our Lives several times.AfroRomance is the number one place to discover good looking, asian women online in, rosenheim.You'll never be lonely again.Load More, page 1 of 10, page 1.His wife claims that she doesn't love him, she never did, and she has no qualms about becoming the titular witness.True love is rare, but your odds are improving.
He winds up failing because women know what to ask he's such a bad husband he hot local sex vixen doesn't know the right answer to any of her questions.
Jeremy initially wants to take the marriage seriously, but Nancy isn't having any.He marries Muriel, who gets the dream wedding she wanted, but not exactly the marriage - but it's not a typical romantic comedy.In Ice House (1989 one character, a Greek immigrant, needs to marry Kay to become a permanent resident.A favorite trope of Soap Operas.As the World Turns : Katie married Simon so that he could stay in the country to be close women in Poland buy to Lily, who he had fallen in love with, but unusually, Katie and Simon eventually fell in love.Port Charles paired this with Honor-Related Abuse when a man married a woman to prevent her from being deported back to the Middle Eastern country that she fled after being raped, knowing that her family would seek to kill her to restore their reputation.A Saturday Night Live sketch hilariously parodied this concept, with a couple attending marriage counseling only to find that the Eastern European wife has no interest in anything but getting the husband to sign papers proving she's legally married to him.

Stars Cheech Marin as a Mexican-American who is mistaken for an illegal immigrant and deported.
This is how Mac and Quon Le's marriage got started on Night Court.
In Friends, Phoebe married an ice-dancer so he could stay in the country.