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Leading the fight, women have been leading the fight to bundner women looking for man see Temer removed from office, calling his policies a dangerous step backwards.
But this will not exempt it from the future inflation spending cap.She added that the impeachment process has not been about sexism so much as a tactical manoeuvre by the right-wing opposition to take power - a common perspective among anti-Temer protesters.Gender issues, social and health matters, local environmental problems, employment and womens rights are the focus of Radio Mulher, or womens radio station, which began to broadcast this month.World March of Women also known as MMM."Women, especially the poor, were the main beneficiaries of economic and social policies inaugurated by Lula and continue under the Rousseff government she added.And not just at the hands of one or two or three guys, but more.Its infant mortality rate has also dropped by 40 percent in the past decade, and the national literacy rate has risen for both men and women.The radio stations wants to tackle these and other thorny issues that no one wants to talk about, like beatings from husbands, economic dependency on men, mothers who have to raise their girl want sex how to know children on their own, she said.But there were other changes within the cabinet that were much more alarming for women's rights groups.No one wants to live surrounded by guns and seeing their kids left without any option but to pick up a gun, dos Santos said.According to Menicucci, programmes such as Pronatec have also contributed in part to rethinking gender roles, since it has allowed more women to take on technical and mechanics training, which are normally seen as male jobs.
According to the Ministry of Education, by 2013, ProUni had given.2 million young people access to higher education who otherwise would not have had it, while 51 percent of these scholarships were given to women.
Anthropologist Solange Dacach, Women of Peace field coordinator in Rio de Janeiro and at the radio station, told IPS that one major focus of the initiative is working with young people in the favelas, because they are the chief victims of violence in Brazil.This alone is a cause of concern for women's rights groups since it eliminated the key post in charge of promoting and protecting their rights.Some studies also show that it has given them greater independence from their husbands, in a country where the domestic violence rate is one of the highest in the world.Toledo, who survived as a street child, homeless and on her own, wants the radio station to address an issue that still causes her pain: sexual violence.Aguiar is referring to the interim government."The situation right now is critical says Aguiar, who has been regularly attending the anti-Temer protests and sit-ins that have been taking place almost every day in Sao Paulo.Civil Society, Development Aid, Environment, Gender, Headlines, Human Rights, Latin America the Caribbean, Poverty SDGs, fabiana Frayssinet, rIO DE janeiro, Jul 12 2011 (IPS) - Local womens voices have begun to be heard over a community radio station now broadcasting in Complexo do Alemao,.It also closed down any policy negotiations and proposals that the previous Ministry of Women was engaged.But even more concerning for women is the new head of the Secretariat of Policies for Women, now operating within this ministry.

If were not close to our family, we as men dont move forward either, he added.
They say the way the media portrayed and attacked Rousseff both during the latest elections and the impeachment process would have never happened to a male leader.